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What services do we provide?


  • We Are the Biggest and Cheapest Provider of Telegram Services.
  • Last Info Updated At 05 May 2020
  • Channel and Group Members : 
  • ID: 163 – Telegram Public Channel and Public Group Members [Super Fast] [50K] [1H-40K/D]
  • ID: 157 – Telegram Private Channel and Private Group Members [Super Fast] [50K] [1H-40K/D]
  • ID: 200 – Telegram Public Channel Members [Real Account] [50K] [1H – 30K/D]
  • ID: 209 – Telegram Public Group Members [Real Account] [50K] [1H – 20K/D]
  • ID: 208 – Telegram Public Channel Members [3K] [1H – 5K/D]
  • Post Views : 
  • ID: 199 – Telegram Post View [500K] [1 post] [200K/Day] [Super Fast]
  • ID: 146 – Telegram Post Views [500K] [Last 5] [200K/Day] [Super Fast]
  • ID: 158 – Telegram Post Views [500K] [Last 10] [200K/Day] [Super Fast]
  • ID: 159 – Telegram Post Views [500K] [Last 20] [200K/Day] [Super Fast]
  • ID: 201 – Telegram Post Views [500K] [Last 50] [100K/Day] [Super Fast]
  • ID: 202 – Telegram Post Views [500K] [Last 100] [100K/Day] [Super Fast]
  • Special Service Only DrMagic Provide : 
  • ID: 156 – Telegram Vote [Like] [70K] [1H-70k/Day][Super Fast][Drmagic Exclusive service in the world]
  • Post Views [MONTHLY PACKAGE] : 
  • ID: 186 – Telegram Auto Post View [Last 5 Posts] [MONTHLY PACKAGE]
  • ID: 187 – Telegram Auto Post View [Last 10 Posts] [MONTHLY PACKAGE]
  • ID: 188 – Telegram Auto Post View [Last 20 Posts] [MONTHLY PACKAGE]
  • ID: 189 – Telegram Auto Post View [Last 50 Posts] [MONTHLY PACKAGE]
  • ID: 190 – Telegram Auto Post View [Last 100 Posts] [MONTHLY PACKAGE]


  • Our Instagram service working as well
  • ID: 196 – Instagram Likes – 100% Real Profiles – With stories and post [30K] [15K/D]
  • ID: 197 – Instagram IGTV Like [5K]
  • ID: 162 – Instagram Followers [50K] [15K/D]


About us!

We have been the leaders in the Social Media market for more than 7 years now. We are the provider of Telegram and Instagram our Panel, at the best quality & cheapest rates.


Our Support System!

For any question you can feel free to contact us via Skype, Telegram, or our panel Ticket system

reseller panel API

Fully Automated Reseller API Panel

We have a fully functional API based Reseller panel. Be it all our services can be ordered through a fully functional JSON based API. For all the resellers, this is an amazing feature. Not, only we have an API based panel, we have an API based Android App as well. This way, you can place the orders in just a few clicks. Our SMM Panel is global.

Our Payment Methods

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